Advanced Education with Russell Mayes!

Russell Mayes made his way to Federico for Advanced Education! 

On May 18th and May 19th, Russell introduced Perfect Layering to our students, alumni and local salon professionals. 

Featuring live-model-demonstrations and hands-on mannequin sessions, Russell created a long layered style that focused on eliminating dips and lumps. 

Photo May 18, 12 55 22 PM (1).jpg

Russell had high expectations for this class. “I would like them to come away from this class with a clear understanding of the How’s and Why’s when it comes to layering hair.” Russell also expressed how important it is to have a fresh outlook on the client experience as well as retaining clients.


Amanda, a student who attended the class, acknowledged Russell’s technical approach to the visual free form method. “Most of the cuts that I have done have been layered cuts but since Russell’s class I feel much more comfortable and controlled with my blending”. 

Photo May 18, 2 34 40 PM.jpg

Throughout Russell’s inspiring career, he has worked as an Education Director for John Dellaria’s, a National Educator for Goldwell and a platform artist for HAI. In addition to being the current owner of Bauhaus hair studio and, Russell utilizes his time producing educational DVD’s and studying the how’s and why’s of technical haircutting.