Less Hair, More Talk: Meet Russell Mayes!

Russell Mayes was born into a family of barbers. Being surrounded by the hair industry, he finally caught the bug after High School graduation. You know what they say… you hang around a barbershop long enough you’re gonna get a haircut, but you hang out too long you will be the one cutting the hair.

Russell picked up his first pair of shears in 1985, beginning a long storied career. Salon work, Fashion Shows, Movies, photoshoots and his own Hair Story videos, Russell has experienced every part of the industry. Wanting to step out on his own, Russell moved to New York City to work for John Dellaria, in his SoHo Salon where he began teaching apprentices and traveling the country teaching John’s Pyrametirics method of cutting hair.

Russell began photographing and filming all of his own hair shoots. He excelled behind the camera, and Russell felt it was time to take his filming to the next level. He focused on solid technical education that he felt was lacking in the industry. Since then Russell has been featured on Hairbrained.me and received 5 nominations for the HairBrained.me Video Awards 2013.

Aside from being the current Owner of Bauhaus Hair Studio, Russell utilizes his time running the website Hairmaven.com and producing educational DVD’s but studying the how’s and why’s of technical haircutting has always been his main focus.