Advanced Education with The TEALS

Ryan and DeAnnalyn Teal made a special visit to Sacramento for Federico Advanced and it’s safe to say that this dynamic duo arrived ready to stun!

Ryan Teal (left) and DeAnna Teal (right) prep their mannequin heads before class beings.

Ryan Teal (left) and DeAnna Teal (right) prep their mannequin heads before class beings.

During The Teal's 2-day stay at Federico they introduced “Long Hair Dressing” to Federico Students and “Special Operations” to Alumni and Salon Professionals. Both of these Advanced Education classes included live demo's and a hands-on session.

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“Long Hair Dressing” focused on styling hair for special occasions while “Special Operations” took a completely different approach. Utilizing the Teals cirriculum, Salon Professional’s created pieces of art that would help inspire the creative eye. The day also consisted a photo-shoot of the completed looks.

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Here’s what some of the participants had to say about the class…

This class was presented by the Teals, truly an amazing class on editorial photo shoots and wig making . These two artist will truly astound you with their talents! I would definitely take more classes with them I learned so much that day, truly a great educational experience. Thank you.
— Trish Avalos, Educator
I had a great time at the Teals editorial class! I learned a lot about the process of wig making using them for unique styles for photo shoots. The Teals also did an amazing job breaking down the process of how to budget a photo shoot, how to find the right photographer as well as finding the right model. My favorite part of the class was the hands on with the wig making. My team and I created some fun looks on our model with some of the new technical that we learned from the teals, then we got to do an actual photo shoot while being coached on how we can work with the photographer. I want to say thanks to Federico for coordinating the Teals to come and share their talent as well as thank the Teals for taking the time to travel here to Federico’s to share there knowledge with us.
— Avery Clark, Educator
I truly enjoyed the wig addition class with the Teals! Not only was the class educational but it was fun!!! Working as a team to put a look together, then being able to do a photo shoot with Josh was just awesome. To see the success they have had and the impact they have made in our industry is so motivating. I hope that one day they can come back to Federico and share again! Thank you to the Federico team for this experience!
— Roketa Raiford, Educator