Essentials of Razor Cutting with AJF Academy and Adam Federico

The upcoming calendar for 2016 is full of amazing educational events, and the first class of the year, brought to you by AJF Academy succeeded in setting the right tone for the year. The Essentials of Razor Cutting with Adam Federico was an intimate class that let beginning and seasoned hairdressers get a better grasp on working with the Plier razor. 

Since the Plier razor is a tool many stylist don’t have much experience working with, Adam wanted to jump right in to working with it, skipping the usual morning demo cut. After a quick anatomy of a razor lesson and a few tutorials on how to handle it, it was on to the cutting. 

The class mainly focused on techniques rather than specific cuts, that way attendees could take what they learned and apply it however they liked once they returned to the salon. 

They went through one length cuts, square layering, triangular layering, and a triangular graduation. Everyone made it through the day with only a few minor nicks and cuts, which was surprising since Adam himself started the morning out with cutting himself. 

Joel M. one of the Federico students attending the class had this to say after:  “This class really opened up my mind to all the creative possibilities of working with a razor. I never imagined I would be able to create so many varied shapes and textures while utilizing just one tool.”

Joel M.

All in all it was a great class. We can’t wait to see what else AJF Academy has in store for us.