Traci Sakosits Visits Federico Advanced

Adam Federico and Traci Sakosits @ Federico Advanced

Adam Federico and Traci Sakosits @ Federico Advanced

Traci Sakosits, North American Creative Director for Sassoon, grew up with an eye on fashion. "I grew up in East Coast New Jersey in a room full of fashion magazines, stacks and stack of them," says Sakosits.

Traci brings this minimal, yet chic aesthetic, to what she refers to as hair design. "Over the years, I’ve become a minimalist at heart," she says. I’ve developed a fondness for all things designed with purpose and intent. The look I love is both intricate, yet paired down. Interestingly, I find that when you doing something that’s really pure, esthetically – which can be considered classic – it comes full circle and becomes forward thinking."

Marie-Claire, cut by Traci Sakosits @ Federico Advanced

Marie-Claire, cut by Traci Sakosits @ Federico Advanced

"At Sassoon, we release two collections per year. Each collection is utterly balanced, taking into consideration emerging fashion – but always underpinned by technique. At Sassoon, this is considered hair design."

At Federico Advanced, our time with Traci was both stimulating and engaging. Passionate about education and "the idea of carrying the Sassoon knowledge on," her instruction commands attention - and aims to inspire greatness.

Placing value on community, Traci admires the work that Federico Advanced has done to unite the craft hairdressing community. "Federico Advanced created a platform/place highly skilled, talented and involved hairdressers to be together and share their love for hair. Last weekend was my first time presenting Sassoon education at Federico Advanced - and it was the perfect fit; just the right people together for all of the same reasons , and at the best of times," muses Sakosits.

"Federico Advanced has it's finger on the pulse of hairdressing, and is dedicated to education. Thank you, thank you, thank you, for making quality education readily available for experienced hairdressers and beginners, alike," she concludes.

We're grateful for another successful course - and can't wait to welcome Traci back into our space.

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