Classic to Avant Garde Styling with Jake Thompson

This month Federico Advanced welcomed multiple NAHA nominee and winner, Jake Thompson.  Hailing from Salt Lake City, Jake has a unique eye for editorial styling. With over two decades of doing hair under his belt, his career has taken him from behind the chair to the runway, and up on the platform. His larger than life looks have graced stages across the United States.

Jake started his class with a look into classic editorial looks, such as Veronica Lake-esque waves. From there, he had the attendees execute their own variations of the look on doll heads.

Once they had mastered the basics, Jake Thompson went through some of his more unusual editorial tricks. From wire mesh, to melting hair, to using wool and paint, he gave them a rundown of insider tips that they could then apply to their own looks.

Under Jake's tutelage, the students spent the rest of the day applyinghis techniques to their mannequins while putting their own spin on them.

It was a rare chance for stylists to truly let their creativity fly. With no worry of their looks being wearable in the average day to day life of their clients, they were able to go as big and as bold as they liked.

Thank you Jake for being their guide, we can’t wait to have you back at Federico Advanced.