Mazella&Palmer U.S. Premier at Federico Advanced

Federico Advanced and the Federico Beauty Institute were honored to host the United States premier of Mazella&Palmer. Hailing from the UK, Jean-Baptiste Mazella and Dove Palmer joined forces in 2011 and until this month, their education had not yet made it stateside.

Their philosophy, “Not just how to cut hair, but why” is clearly illustrated through their in depth curriculum for the course “Advantage thru Technique”. There’s nothing quite as fulfilling as seeing some of the best hairdressers in the industry all gathered in one place to expand upon their already impressive knowledge base. The fact that people who have been doing hair for decades can come to a class and still feel fulfilled and walk away having learned something truly speaks to the quality and discipline of Mazella&Palmer’s unique curriculum.

Obviously, the best part of events like these is the knowledge gained, but one of the unexpected and fantastic byproducts that has come from doing events such as Mazella&Palmer and ZGAT Academy, is the sense of community that it builds. After three days of intense education under Dove and JB, you can’t help but to form a comradery with your fellow class mates. Watching your neighbors struggle and learn, and learning from them as well, creates an unexpected and delightful bond. It’s not unlike the comradery displayed between Dove and JB themselves. They spend the better part of every month together, traveling the world and sharing their educational style with stylists of every level, and the friendship shows.

It was truly a pleasure being in the presence of artists of such repute and skill and we can’t wait to have them back in 2016.

Check out the video below for JB and Dove's Quick Tip! 

Mazella&Palmer visits Federico Advanced in Sacramento California as a guest and gives tips on the importance of education. Federico is Northern California's premiere education facility. Visit us at and Federico Advanced hosts hair education once a month from our Cosmetology Facilities in Sacramento California.